The COVID-19 pandemic is simultaneously an unprecedented health crisis and a global economic shock. the food & beverage industry seems to have taken one of the worst hits. In the coming times, the F&B market vendors will need to prepare themselves for the long-term impact of COVID-19, which is likely to step up as one of the major challenges of food and beverage industry winning brands  will be the ones that deeply transform themselves  and embrace the changes of the new wolrdwide  retail revolutionwhilst remaining loyal to their DNA customers and legacy.Key success factors for brands are: 

Customer centricity






The food industry will need to embrace a global digital transformation strategy by making it the center of their operating model. To stay in the business while increasing their performance and their customer’s value shopping experience in boosting an omnichannel strategy to drive store traffic and vice versa.
 Due to changes in both regulations and consumer behavior, the food industry has to undergo some important mutations to reach consumers expectations matching ,the definition of “eating well”, not only do consumers lean towards products that are good for their health, but also ones that do not harm the environment. Furthermore, the Y&Z and millennials generations had clearly expressed their addiction in using digital technologies to communicate, interact and consume.

                                                                                                           The rising concerns about product traceability;

Traceability is one of the pivotal challenges in food and beverage industry, not just for record management but also to fulfill the bottom line – generating revenue for every sector. Of late, consumers have been taking increasing interest to know what goes into their food, that has led ‘ingredient labelling’ forming a major part of the packaging process. With public trust in food supply chains reducing drastically and awareness pertaining to glitches in the F&B supply chain since the last decade or so, end-to-end traceability has emerged as one of the latest trends in food and beverage industry.

itmatters Cradle to Grave traceability solution supports the food industry in guarenteing and authenicate food raw materials source of origin. Thanks to itmatters by Olnica a Patented Taggant chemcial D.N.A tracer, EFSA approved.


Our smart tag brings Brands product of origin  authenticity and key additional information expected by the consumers  such as  Gluten free, ingredients compositions and manufacturing of origin  information. Thanks to our webb app, activated from any consumers smartphone.

Imagine you could…

Activate each product with a digital identity…

Authenticate each item in the supply chain…! Localized your products to handle an efficient reverse batch lots.

Amplify each customer shopping experience with your product.


itmatters is an end-to-end solution to optimize your company operation worldwide

with products-level visibility, protect brand integrity and to build direct

consumer relationships with our integrated powerful smart tags and or a connected packaging


Our patented chemical tracer in your raw material combined with itmatters smart tags are your Brand DNA

from raw material authentication with a Patented taggant chemical DNA tracer.Each manufactured product can have a unique digital identity from RFID to NFC to GS1 digital link to Qr code. We have developed bio degradable bi techno adhesive tags which can be screen printed with an EAN number code. We have a range of suitable tags either Bi techno or simple techno,for each of your product (wines &spirits, food)

Our cloud platform

You can monitor all data around the world in few seconds,in a dynamic way. Before it tooks weeks to gather one... It is your weapon against gray market . Everybody, from any offices would be able to access and watch the same dashboard for proper anticipation and decision. In addition, we support manufacturing brands in their recycling traceability process according to government regulations such as the AGEC law in France.

Product traceability

Which product? Which batch? Which vessel? Which port? Which country?Which city? Which stores? When? Whom?What time?Which channel
Not mentioning a powerful tool to help when it comes to reverse logistic and returning products... Itmatters is the only company able to support Brands and raw material food industry in identifying crops form the farm. Thanks to our patented Taggant chemical D.N.A TRACER. invisible to the eyes,we are spraying a unique digital ID readable with itmatters mobilapp.

Your product

Each product has a unique and encrypted digital identity, from RFID to NFC to GS1 digital link. Our range of labels will follow the entire life cycle of your product and provide valuable data when consumers visit stores around the world..

NFC & QR code Web app

In the blink of an eye, each Brand customer will obtain product authentication, product picture,raw materials composition,advices in his or her native language upon each country law & regulations.

Customer engagement

Our web app will provide according to each brand instructions, any information in accordance with the laws and regulations available in any countries. Thanks to mobile phone Ip detection, which will provide the law in accordance of the geographical origin of each consumer. Through our web app, additional information would be available to consumers upon each Brand including a direct 1 to 1 marketing interaction for a proper direct to consumer engagement.

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