itmatters provides End to End Traceability Solutions to propel retailers in their digital transformation journey towards circular economy with a powerful Direct To Consumer Engagement. 

At it matters we…

  • Support brands & raw material industry in tracking and authenticate every raw material origin with itmatters by Olnica . A patented taggant chemical DNA tracer odorless ,invisible,harmless with a unique ID to control any kind of raw material origin..
  • Activate & Authenticate every product during their entire life cycle with a unique digital identity, thanks to our long lasting washable smart tag (UHF& NFC) embedded into any garments ,footwear or leathergoods.The only solution to overcome the Textile pollution disaster existing all over the world which needs to be adressed once  and for all! 100 Billions of Garments produced each year , only 1 % goes for recycling..STOP DEPLETING THE NATURAL RESOURCES in embracing itmatters technologies.  itmatters  have designed a Tamper proof encrypted Key solution to guarantee end consumers at second – hand resale stage about product authenticity which includes a Digital passeport transfer of ownership.
  • Amplify customer digital shopping experience
  • Implement efficiently your sustainability strategy
  • Improve Logistic Operations and inventory management
  • Automatized sorting of raw materials components at the recycling stage

Through a complete solution based on Smart Tags,  a cloud Platform and a branded customized webapp for a proper Direct to Consumer Engagement.

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