For years, companies have collected and managed their data without knowing how to use it to their full advantage. Using collected data and implementing a data-driven approach will guide strategic decisions able to generate a concrete and sustainable edge in the market over time but also during operations from manufacturing to supply chain.

                          Tag your product to know about its true value !

Analyze your consumers profile once they have activated  itmatters  smart tag with their smartphone

Interact with them with the right sweet spot marketing  proposal.

  We solve business problems using the latest analytics tools that help companies derive powerful insights from data, thereby unlocking their full potential

Leverage your product data intelligence throughout the lifecycle from factory to consumer for true visibility. From the same digital identity…

Drive supply chain, brand protection and consumer applications 

Today’s consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Z, are hyperconnected and tech-savvy, less receptive to the media and less loyal to brands than previous generations. In order to properly engage users, companies must create emotional bonds with their customers by building long-lasting and trusting relationships with them. Not only do these methods build brand equity, customer value and retention, but it ultimately results in recurring revenues.

             Know your customers

  • How many times do they show up in your stores? which country? which city? which airport?
  • Which items they have tagged?
  • What do they see in the webapp?
  • Activate a geofencing sales push offer…
  • Whom is checking for a second hand item? 
  • have they purchased it? 
With our AI engine, we will extract data , qualified  and clean them to provide the right data for making the right decision and interact in 1 to 1 context
Implement new decision-making processes using data to meet business stakes.
  • Use data to ease collaboration between teams
  • Define & Identify corrective actions plans
  • Monitor store transformation and measure impact.

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