Luxury houses are blind to the second-hand market. As the resale of used luxury goods increases, so do concerns about authenticity, alteration and control of the market. While some philosophical questions have always surrounded the issue of “real” versus “fake,” “original” versus “unauthorized reconstruction,” the stakes are now higher than ever: according to Vogue, in 2019, resale grew 25 times faster than retail – and what is now a $28 billion thrift store market will more than double to an astonishing $64 billion by 2024. Third-party platforms may not be responsible for selling counterfeit goods. In the eBay case, the court found that eBay was not liable for trademark infringement because it did not exercise sufficient control over the infringing behavior. To successfully establish liability, a service provider must have more than general knowledge or reason to know that its service is being used to sell infringing items. Not to mention the impact on the consumer’s perception of the brand. However, the transfer of ownership of a used luxury item is estimated at 7 owners. Luxury houses will need to urgently interact with consumers in the resale community. it matters , with our long lasting washable smart tags are the answer for Luxury  Brands to access to end consumers during second hand resale market activities. Smart tags integration will guarantee to end consumers about the product authenticity , thanks to our tamper proof encrypted key technology while our Brands customers will get end consumer information in accordance with GDPR laws & regulations

Our smart tag brings Brands product of origin  authenticity  to third party resale platform and to the end consumers including The Transfer of ownership digital wallet among other information as cleaning care advices, raw material compositions and manufacturing. thanks to our webapp which provide much more.

Imagine you could…

Activate each product with a digital identity…

Authenticate each luxury item during the resale phase with resale platforms…

Amplify the buying experience of each customer with your product…

Let us handle as a truststed third party on your behalf a securized onwership certificate between resellers…


it matters is an end-to-end solution to optimize your company operation worldwide

with products-level visibility, protect brand integrity and to build direct

consumer relationships with our integrated powerful smart tags and or a connected packaging


Our smart tags are your Brand DNA

Each product has a unique digital identity , with a tamper proof encrypted key AES128. From RFID /UHF to NFC to GS1 digital link.We have developed long lasting tags resistant to washing , dry cleaning and dryers with over 200 cycles and many more whether bi-techno or simple tags RFID & NFC suitable for each o your product:(Garments,Leatherbag accessories cosmetic& fragrances,wines& spirits, food) as for, instance a fullybiodegradable adhesive sticker paper Bi-techno tag.

Our cloud platform

You can monitor all data around the world in few seconds,in a dynamic way.Before it tooks weeks to gather one...
Everybody ,from any offices would be able to access and watch the same dashboard for proper anticipation and decision. In addition, we support manufacturing brands in their recycling traceability process according to government regulations such as the AGEC law in France.

Product traceability

Which product? Which batch? Which vessel? Which port? Which country?Which city? Which stores? When? Whom?What time?Which channel
Not mentioning a powerful tool to help when it comes to reverse logistic and returning products... Itmatters is the only company able to support Brands and raw material textile industry in identifying crops form the farm. Thanks to our patented Taggant chemical D.N.A TRACER. invisible to the eyes,we are spraying a unique digital ID readable with itmatters mobilapp.

Your product

Each product has a unique digital encrypted AES 128 identity
from RFID to NFC to GS1 digital link
Our long lasting tags will follow the entire life cycle of your product and will provide valuable data at second hand resale stage but also at recycling factory.

NFC & QR code Web App

In the blink of an eye, each Brand customer will obtain product authentication, product picture,raw materials composition,cleaning care advice in his or her native language upon each country law&regulations.

Customer engagement

Our web app will provide according to each brand instructions , sustainability and others information about the product manufacturing country of origin, circular economy,... Also the activation of a second hand resale dash button would be an option to process on behalf of each customer the resale of their goods on a third party platform.

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