Join us in driving sustainable business  in the digitization of physical products, applying the latest technologies in the Internet of Things, DATA MESH CLOUD, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics while being at the intersection of  Luxury , Fashion, Food retail technology and circular economy.

Be part of the Governance of itmatters organization;Embark in our New Methods : THE HOLACRACY and THE ADHOCRACY.

The overall aim is to find and embark the best talents in any field possible and pay them more than the market is offering, as long as each individual is willing in joining us to change the world and be purpose driven in her or his daily actions and decisions. She or He believes in the Holacracy philosophy. We are aware some people would feel better in working in classic companies. But to have the best employees on the market and  instituting a culture of open feedback, opening up company secrets increases feelings of ownership and commitment among staff. If you trust your people to handle appropriately sensitive information, the trust you demonstrate will instigate feelings of responsibility and your employees will show you just how trustworthy they are!

                                                                                                                                                                                 itmatters Philosphy


We will apply zero-based principles to our organization.

Using zero-based principles as a lens to assess our organizational spending and capabilities will combine both effectiveness (What do we expect people to accomplish for the organization?) and efficiency (How do we create a lean, agile, and responsive organization?). With this approach, we can capture significant efficiencies while upgrading capabilities and increasing value across functions. Moreover, these principles can ensure that the highest-value roles within the organization are clearly identified and staffed with the most qualified workers. Zero-based organization goes far beyond the incremental improvements of typical performance improvement programs to create a fit-for-purpose organization. Zero-basing an organization can be accomplished through a five-step process.

  1. Create transparency by taking an end-to-end perspective on staffs and highlight opportunities to apply approaches such as shared services, process redesign, and automation to reduce costs. This includes financial results to be shared to all and socializing ideas among your company buddy to collect feedback from various perspective
  2. Determine a survival minimum, defined as the organizational capacity needed to keep the lights on for the business. Gain consensus on the activities vital to operations.
  3. Build a strategic optimum consisting of activities required to support function-level strategy. This step involves reinstating activities—for example, investments in company culture or the creation of an analytics center of excellence—that are deemed critical to pursuing business objectives. We will not be a family but we will be a team of talents.
  4. Align on design principles to guide organizational decisions—including structure. Using a core set of design principles and architecture of the organizational chart to reflect greater clarity on management and direct reports as well as add a shared-services function. We believe in Holacracy business culture.
  5. Stress-test the organization before going live and then develop a change-management plan. Companies must verify that the new organization structure can function properly and support business operations. Once these exercises are conducted with all employees stakeholders, business leaders should be prepared to communicate to employees how the approach will improve operations—as well as how their actions tie to the organization’s overarching goals. 

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