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itmatters  has presented during the Aeronautic traceability event organised by Boostaerospace Consortium in March 2024 at GS1 France Headquarter, our  end to end traceability solution , with patented marking technology linked to itmatters SaaS cloud traceability platyform fully DPP compliant under the E.U Legislation beenItmatters is very proud to be part of Textile exchange organisation  ; part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community and member of the french fashion federation of circular economy

A global organization supported by the best Textile retail players committed to make the textile industry sustainable .   Itmatters is a member of the CIRPASS consortium’s Expert and Stakeholder Group, a collaborative effort for a standards-based DPP. The first public report of the Cirpass Consortium was released last week and contains itmatters DPP solution (Digital Prtduct passport )page 55-56-57. A unique Cradle to Grave 4.0 Traceability solution

We are very proud to be recognized by the European Union as having an efficient &scalable traceability solution for the Luxury Houses , the A&F Retail brands and the Food industry. It is agreat achivement made by itmatters Team

Cirpass Public event meeting held with Michele Galatola (

Please activate the following link to access the recorded Event  Digital Product Passport CIRPASS CONSORTIUM

Traceability in a circular economy

The circular economy aims to move away from the traditional linear model of “take-make-dispose”. Instead, it focuses on a regenerative and sustainable approach. It emphasises the reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery of materials to create a closed-loop system.

The ESPR requirements supported by the Delegated acts need to have access to all sorts of data, such as the origin of its materials, who handled the materials and how, its manufacturing process, its energy consumption, the recyclability of its parts, how its carbon footprint is calculated, and much more. This would be achieved through DPP (Digital product passport) itmatters DPPAAs traceability 4.0 solution which provides the ability to track and monitor the journey of any products, materials, and resources embarked with an IoT Data carrier throughout their lifecycle.

In the context of the circular economy, traceability is a crucial element, since it can be a catalyst for sustainable practices within a circular economy, and help drive positive environmental impact. It enables the following:

  • Supply chain transparency: Traceability provides transparency throughout the supply chain, allowing stakeholders to understand the origin, composition, and environmental impact of products and materials. This transparency facilitates responsible sourcing and promotes sustainable decision-making.
  • Material and product lifecycle management: By implementing supply chain traceability, businesses can effectively track and manage the lifecycle of materials and products. This includes monitoring the use, reusability, and recyclability of resources, ensuring optimal resource utilisation and minimising waste generation.
  • Quality control and safety: Traceability ensures that materials and products meet stringent quality and safety standards, enabling the identification and removal of defective or hazardous components. Therefore, this also reduces the risk of harm to consumers and the environment.
  • Circular supply chain optimisation: Traceability helps companies to identify circular economy opportunities for material recapture, recycling, and reintroduction into the production cycle. This enables resource efficiency, reduces dependence on virgin materials, and minimises environmental impact.

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