What is Blockchain?

Blockchain  is a  peer-to-peer network that doesn’t rely on any centralized entity to reach consensus. It is a distributed ledger technology where each peer has their own copy of the ledger. Once a transaction is made, it is assigned to a block for verification through consensus method used by the blockchain. The transaction block is either mined or validated through other processes. If the transaction is confirmed, it can no longer be tampered or modified in any possible way. At it matters ,  we provide a full range of Blockchain services  for companies operations and end consumers such as a digital wallet certificate to set an ownsership transfer at second hand resale stage. To keep trace of  Luxury goods historical owners. We believe this service provides a great Brand value proposition towards end consumers while buying a  second hand Luxury good item. Authenticity is key , thanks to our Blockchain, NFT’s digital passport wallet.

The global retail industry is currently facing an existential crisis, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy. To overcome this challenge – and inevitable future crises – retailers need to embrace digital solutions that are efficient, inexpensive and secure..

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