An incomparable portfolio of smart labels with functionalities and physical shapes adapted to all products in the luxury, textile and footwear sectors.

it matters offers the most advanced UHF & NFC   technology bringing innovative features to the HF, NFC, and RAIN RFID TM worlds.

Our chip combines all functionalities on a single die, with NFC for proximity range, HF for vicinity range, and RAIN technology used for long range application purposes. All protocols make use of a shared memory and a common IC serial number.

Our technology is adapted to each product category in term of shape, it can be hard, medium soft, soft for a tag and  or adhesive sticker label  with screen-printing , QR code , EAN  and so on…. 

Using itmatters DATA MESH CLOUD PLATFORM you will have  always a connection between your brand and  your consumer by transforming product packaging
into a new digital touchpoint. Engage in a 1 to1 exchange  with your consumers anytime, anywhere to build deeper, more valuable relationships, and unlock unparalleled

insights into your audience in the process.


It provides multiple benefits and usages via the RAIN communication interface like stock inventory, product returns, and data privacy. The same tag or label also enables new consumer services like product authentication, product information, or loyalty programs using an NFC enabled smartphone.

Targeted applications and market segments include Luxury, Apparels & footwear and food retail with product authentication, consumer engagement, and supply chain traceabilityDeliver brand content, from sustainability, transparency and authenticity information to rewards, competitions and recycling.

Enable consumers to use their smartphone to scan any type of product codes including QR, DataMatrix and NFC tags.
 Personalize your consumer experience with real-time decisioning in the cloud to create standout ‘in-the-moment’ brand engagement.
 Gather product interaction data, in-store and post-purchase, to learn more about your consumers and use these insights to optimize the consumer experience.

Share traceability and item-level provenance data with consumers, by collecting data from your upstream supply chain systems

A  programmable set of business rules which enables brands to determine
where a code or tag redirects to when scanned by consumer smartphone.
Allows you to dynamically deliver different product content and experiences according to real-time
context parameters, including country, place, user profile, time, date or the unique item scanned.
Engagement Analytics
Real-time and historical trend analysis:
● Brand Insights – engagement by campaigns, SKU, brand, date and time.
● Consumer Insights – engagement by new and returning users.
● Location Insights:- engagement by store, region or country, visualized in scan maps.
● Activity Insights – engagement by actions, such as first scan, purchase, registration, re-order or
Business Intelligence: All engagement data available via API for integration into any enterprise BI tool, or for export to CSV.

                                                                                                                                         Product Data Integrations

itmatters Data Mesh Cloud Platform gathers supply chain data from different sources such as ERPs or PIM systems, organizes this data at the item, SKU, batch or lot level and makes this available to consumers scanning products with their smartphone.
Including; provenance and sourcing traceability information, or production and distribution
transparency data for social responsibility and sustainability purposes.
Marketing integrations: itmatters enables two-way CRM integration for customer data (e.g. Salesforce) to match unique users with their product purchase and engagement data. This allows for personalization and deeper insights into consumer behaviors.
The platform also integrates with Content Management Systems or Experience Platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager, Marketo or WeChat, to enable brands to extend their existing content strategies into this new DTC channel.
Global Command Center
Campaign Management: Intuitive dashboard allowing you to manage items and SKUs, download QR codes, modify rules, analyze campaign performance and much more.
Enterprise Deployments: Data management for complex, multi-country, multi-brand, multi-product deployments, including granular user and permissions management.

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