itmatters supports companies through the development of Solutions based on innovative use of IoT technologies such as RFID (UHF NFC),QR CODE,GS1 DIGITAL LINK,SIGFOX AND LORAWAN. Blockchain and our powerful AI devices are available for a complete industrial digitization.

We are  offering an effective combined solution : Patented Taggant Chemical  DNA Tracer to authenticate raw materials or ingredients,  Smarts tags including our long lasting washable smart tag for recycling and supporting retailer embracing the circular economy, a Digital Data Mesh Cloud Platform in response to every need in the manufacturing sector:

  • Time to Market acceleration
  • Accuracy in the management of production levels
  • Reverse logistics
  • Batch production geolocalisation and return DLC or DLUO management in store
  • Production alert
  • Cancellation of inactivity times.

Supply chains are at the core of business management and involve many parties. Thus, a supply chain is a system of retail organizations, people, activities, information, and resources working together to create and move a product or service from supplier to customer. Natural resources, raw materials and components are transformed into a finished good during the process, and delivered to the end-customer.

Supply chain structures are complex, mainly integrated between various companies and require collaboration between them.

Supply chain integration is a key factor of business performance and is therefore a major concern for firms. Indeed, international supply chain management raises a certain number of concerns, among which:


  • The challenges inherent to globalization and its drifts.
  • Cost containment and its fast-paced approach
  • Risk reduction and its long-term performance
  • Individual product item tracking

Supply chain risks are associated with the day-to-day management operations such as safety stock and outgoing shipment lead time or overtime. RFID&NFC technology will support Supply chains and will support Retail store (stock inventory & antitheft& reverse logistics process) including a clear omnichannel digital strategy and would become a key strategic competitive advantage.

Weak supply chain management will lead to inaccurate results: the clearest answer of disruptions or can be found in any industries, such as the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical or textile and luxury industries, which concern consumer product safety and or product quality. Lack of visibility on the process increases the risks of product returns (reverse logistics), waste, losses, delays and reduced quality.

How Brands are responding to these trends?

How can they provide to the end consumers some valuable information on the origin of the product?

Their eco-raw material strategies? Or informed about the origin of raw materials?

How could they engage an efficient qualified one to one consumer interaction?



Each product has a unique digital identity
from RFID to NFC to GS1 digital link
we have developed long lasting tags resistant to washing ,dry cleaning and dryers with over 300 cycles and many more whether bi-techno or simple RFID&NFC suitable for each of your product (Garment,Leatherbag cosmetic&fragrance,
wines&spirits,food) as for ,instance a fully biodegradable adhesive sticker paper Bi-techno tag.


Each item, or batch gets a unique Digital Identity

in the itmatters Cloud platform, making them traceable up to retail stores worldwide.

Product traceability

Production information and or sourcing provenance data from ERPs, WMS and other packaging systems is added into the itmatters cloud platform ,thanks to our Blockchain technology. Products and inventory data are gathered into our itmatters cloud platform for real-time inventory management and traceability.

Your product

Each product has a unique digital encrypted AES 128 identity
from RFID to NFC to GS1 digital link
Our long lasting tags will follow the entire life cycle of your product and will provide valuable data at second hand resale stage but also at recycling factory.

Customer engagement

Our web app will provide according to each brand instructions , sustainability and others information about the product manufacturing country of origin, circular economy,... Also the activation of a second hand resale dash button would be an option to process on behalf of each customer the resale of their goods on a third party platform.

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