IoT and Logistics: Blockchain for Supply Chain Management 

The only way for companies to hold their own against increasing market competition is to satisfy customer expectations and satisfy their needs. 

A digitalization of processes is therefore necessary to address the new challenges that the logistic sector must face in this modern age. Blockchain system for supply chain management integrates a set of technologies in which the register is structured as a chain of blocks. In practice it is a system that is based on a distributed log that can be read and modified by multiple nodes of a network, as the content cannot be modified, without invalidating the entire structure. It provides high security protocols, and for this reason using blockchain technology can make a difference for efficient logistics. 

Thanks to it matters blockchain  technology, companies can have a digital database to monitor real-time transactions and the handling of goods. Process optimization based on this innovative technology combined with other technologies such as IoT really allows companies to go towards an effective renovation of their business model. 

Blockchain technology therefore integrates IoT solutions in meeting specific supply chain requirements, such as integrity and transparency of the supply chain, as well as traceability.  

APPLICATION => Manufacturing 

it matters supports companies through the development of Solutions based on innovative use of IoT technologies such as RFID (UHF NFC),QR CODE,GS1 DIGITAL LINK,SIGFOX AND LORAWAN. Blockchain and our powerful AI devices are available for a complete industrial digitization. 

We are  offering an effective combined solution of  smart tags  a Digital Cloud Platform in response to every need in the manufacturing sector: 

  • Time to Market acceleration 
  • Accuracy in the management of production levels 
  • Reverse logistics 
  • Batch production geolocalisation and return 
  • Production alert 
  • Cancellation of inactivity times. 

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