A  programmable set of business rules which enables brands to determine
where a code or tag redirects to when scanned by consumer smartphone.
Allows you to dynamically deliver different product content and experiences according to real-time
context parameters, including country, place, user profile, time, date or the unique item scanned.

                                                                                                                           Engagement Analytics-Real-time and historical trend analysis:
● Brand Insights – engagement by campaigns, SKU, brand, date and time.
● Consumer Insights – engagement by new and returning users.
● Location Insights:- engagement by store, region or country, visualized in scan maps.
● Activity Insights – engagement by actions, such as first scan, purchase, registration, re-order or recycle.
Business Intelligence: All engagement data available via API for integration into any enterprise BI tool, or for export to CSV.

Integrations: Product Data Integrations: 

The  itmatters Cloud Platform gathers supply chain data from different sources such as ERPs or WMS ,  PIM systems and or any data carriers.Each SKU, batch or lot level product contend information are encoded. End consumers when reading with their smartphone

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